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I am a Front-End Developer / Full-Stack Software Engineer experienced in building reliable, manageable, and scalable websites and web applications. I develop quality products by utilizing appropriate technologies and applying best practices for data organization and code optimization. While the projects below are for more visual representation, please make sure to check out my GitHub to view my code.

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Early Career

Although I don't call myself a designer these days, I spent my undergrad years at Texas State University where I received my BFA in Communication Design. I then worked in digital marketing creating graphics, emails, websites, and event registration applications. Several of these projects are highlighted below.

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Hello, World

Hey, Iā€™m Josh. I develop interactive websites and web applications.

Front-End Developer experienced in building websites and user interfaces by utilizing appropriate front-end technologies and following industry standards. I enjoy engineering and improving processes as much as writing the code.

Skills/Technologies: React, Redux, JavaScript, TypeScript, Next.js, HTML, CSS, UI design libraries (Ant Design, Bootstrap, Tailwind), Jest, Git, Jira, CI/CD and cloud-based deployment services (AWS, Netlify, Vercel, Heroku), creating and consuming REST APIs (Google, YouTube, Stripe, SendGrid, Twilio), GraphQL, Firebase, MySQL, PostgreSQL, PHP, WordPress.

Code and project demos are available on my GitHub.

Outside of work, I take an interest in improving my mental and physical health by getting outside, hiking, and exercising. I enjoy drag shows, stand-up comedy, and King of the Hill.

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