Remedy Urgent Care

Being at the forefront of the telemedicine industry, Remedy Urgent Care (urgently, 😜) needed a responsive web application that was simple, easy-to-use, and capable of booking multiple telemed visits while under high-traffic conditions.

When starting as Remedy’s Front-End / UX Developer, I inherited a hastily put together WordPress application that was no where near optimal. Numerous bugs and errors were appearing daily, which presented problems for the service coordinators when needing additional patient information to complete the booking. By eliminating the use of several third-party plugins, streamlining the booking form flow using AJAX, and making RESTful API calls to Remedy’s back-end services allowed for easier management, scalability, and monitoring.

In addition to the public-facing booking app, I also developed business tools and utilities for service coordinators by extending the functionality of the WordPress admin dashboard.