This was originally a group project during my time in the Software Engineering Immersive at General Assembly. The main goal of this project was to work well together as a remote team while utilizing Git to its full potential. This was to get us ready for real-world scenarios where we would be working remotely within a larger team of developers.

My group and I chose to do a pet adoption app that allowed users to search for local pets up for adoption and “favorite” the ones they were interested in for later viewing. I was the Database and API manager, so I worked mostly on the back-end of this project. We implemented the third-party PetFinder API, which was super easy to work with.

I set up the API service/functions in another file outside of the views to follow the idea of separation of concerns. Also kept it DRY by re-using a function for the API calls. This worked out well and kept the views nicely organized. 😎

Although we hit MVP and did well during presentations, I wanted to redevelop both the front- and back-ends of this application on my own.

Demo / GitHub

Group Version: Demo / GitHub